Unnamed human
The human showing the viewer her bare buttox
Name Unknown
Gender Female
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Hometown {{{hometown}}}
Family Unknown
Enemies Oobi
First Appearance
Plane Ol' Pathetic
Last Appearance
Night Crawlers
The unnamed human is a Barbie doll. She is a female. She has anger issues. In her first appearance, she is mad at Oobi for asking her for her name. After this, the employee explains how she is sensitive about it, and tells Oobi that she hates him. She then takes off part of her pants and underpants (if she was wearing underpants) and shows Oobi and the viewer her bare, naked buttox.

She is depicted as a rude, disobedient human.


The human has peach skin and is shown wearing flowered pants. She also wears a hot-pink T-shirt and a light-pink vest. She has long, blonde hair growing off the back of her head and blue eyes with long eyelashes. Her buttox is shaped like two circles and is peach.


The human only appears in Plane Ol' Pathetic and Night Crawlers.

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