Uma Pretender
The Uma Pretender with Charlie, Max, and Bop.
Name Uma Rotta/Rita Pretender (it is her real name)
Gender Female
Species Hand Puppet
Hometown Unknown
Family Unknown
Enemies Uma
First Appearance
Uma Pretender
Last Appearance

The Uma Rotta/Rita Pretender is a minor antagonist of An Oobi Vacation. She is very sneaky and somewhat evil because she stole Uma's barrette and pretended to be her. She speaks as somebody would if they had their tounge sticking out.


The Uma Pretender has no eyes and is a peach color. She has a blue-and-purple barrette when she steals Uma's.


She only appears in one episode of An Oobi Vacation, Uma Pretender. She might appear in a undecided remake of this episode.

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