Uma's Room!
Oobi's New House Series Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 2/29/2012
Written by Bluedog and Belly Cochran
Oobi's New House guide
Oobi's Room!
Grampu's Room!
Uma's Room! is the seventh episode of Oobi's New House.

Characters Present

Locations Visited


Uma must clean her room.


Uma introduces herself to the viewer and says that she is up in her room because of what happened. Grampu says she has to clean her room still, even when she isn't feeling so good. He shows Uma around her room, saying "Look at it!" She starts cleaning her room, then checks up on Oobi, who is plotting a revenge! Oobi is busted once again by Grampu, then Uma enters the scene. She has removed her bandages and threatens to beat Oobi. Grampu tells them to go their rooms once again. The episode ends with Grampu removing the camera.

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