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The Special announcements are blog videos that appear in Bluedog and Belly Productions' channel. They are hosted by Announcer Hand, a pink-eyed hand puppet who often messes up his time to shine. The episodes are always in the format "Special announcement: DD-MM-YY". Only the latest episode is available on YouTube at the time as each past one is deleted from the website after a new one airs.

It was the first series to be produced by BluedogAndBelly and will probably not end until BluedogAndBelly retires from video producing. It began on November 6, 2011, two days after the BluedogAndBelly channel was created. in which the pilot episode, 11-6-11 aired.


Various characters are mentioned through titles of series and videos throughout the Special Announcements (for example, Oobi is mentioned whenever a series title, for instance, Oobi Babies, is mentioned). However, there is one reappearing character significant to the videos.

Announcer Hand

Main article: Announcer Hand

Possibly the protagonist of the blog-style videos, Announcer Hand is portrayed by Bluedog Cochran. For more information, see the article.

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