Screaming Old Man
Name Nelson Omar Johnson
Gender Male
Species Hand Puppet
Hometown Unknown
Family Unknown
Enemies Oobi
First Appearance
Plane Ol' Pathetic
Last Appearance
Oobi's New House-Neighbors as Mr. Johnson

The Screaming Old Man (Nelson Omar Johnson) is a minor character in An Oobi Vacation. He plays as an antagonist. In his only appearance, he harmfully pounds Oobi.


The Screaming Old Man seems to be a crabby old man who is very good at screaming at other hands. Oobi wanted to befriend the hand, but he screamed at him and Oobi and he started hating each other. His name is unknown to viewers, but Oobi knows what it is. He just didn't want to say it, in case he might come back.


The hand is peach color with an Inka-style face. He has one peach pupil and one yellow one.


The Screaming Old Man has only been seen in Plane Ol' Pathetic, the second episode of An Oobi Vacation. but he also appeared in Oobi's New House Neighbors he was recycled as Mr. Johnson