Pretty Flowers
Oobi Babies Series Season 2, Episode 7
Air date June 5th
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Bitter Revenge

"Grampsie!" -Inka

Pretty Flowers is the eighteenth episode of Oobi Babies.

Characters Present


Pretty flowers
Uma is picking flowers out of Inka's Garden, and Grampu has to stop her before Inka sees!


Uma and Grampu are seen walking passed a bed of colorful flowers, and Grampu says it's Inka's flower garden. Immediately after seeing them, Uma starts picking the flowers violently. Grampu tells her to not pick the flowers, but Uma says she needs them to put in her Barbie's hair. She continues picking them.

Then, Oobi appears with a spray can of unknown liquid, and he sprays it all over the flowers. Grampu freaks out, screaming that he is going to get in trouble with Inka. Meanwhile, Uma returns with one of the flowers in her hair. Grampu compliments her, but warns her not to pick any more flowers. She ignores him and picks more flowers. Suddenly, Inka pops up and starts freaking out about her flowers. She yells at Grampu. He says he couldn't stop them, and Inka slaps him across the face. The title card plays.



  • This episode was apart of a summer start-off marathon.
  • Uma's pupils are tinted green in this episode, like Charlie's from An Oobi Vacation.