Name Pakoo Landen Geralds
Gender Male
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Hometown {{{hometown}}}
Family Makoo (wife), Kakoo (daughter)
Enemies Kakoo
First Appearance
Oobi Babies: Kakoo Baby
Last Appearance

Pakoo Landen Geralds is the father of Kakoo and spouse of Makoo. Like his wife, he is very afraid of Kakoo and occasionally hides under the bed. He wishes he couls get rid of Kakoo for good. He very often throws a stick for Kakoo just for the peace of her being gone for a few seconds. He is a minor character of Oobi Babies and might be in a future series.


Pakoo has purple eyes and is a fist. his purple eyes are why Kakoo has one purple eye.


So far, Pakoo only appears in one Oobi Babies episode Kakoo Baby.

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