Ox's Gang is a group of uglydolls who help Ox commit bad deeds. Ox never calls his gang members by name. When he wants one of them to do something, he just calls "minion." Only one of the minions is shown in so far, a pink one with large ears is shown. Ox's gang is planned to be shown together in Season 2


All of Ox's minions pretend to be their victim's friends; Ox pretended to be Charlie's friend and the pink one pretended to be Uma's bodyguard in Sweet Dreams, Oobi They also use disguses to trick people into letting them into their house.



The Leader and the most evil of all of them. He is Blue and has one eye

Pink Uglydoll

This uglydoll is the only gang member seen so far. He is pink, has to eyes, and two yellow buck teeth


Most of the episodes in Season One only show Ox and not his whole gang. The Pink Uglydoll is shown in the episode Sweet Dreams, Oobi and one more episode. Ox appears in several episodes, begining with the fifth one.

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