Oobi Babies

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Bluedog and Belly Productions

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Produced after

An Oobi Vacation

Followed by

Oobi's New House

Oobi Babies  is a YouTube series by BluedogAndBelly. The series mainly focuses on Oobi and his friends in their early years.

Episode list

Season 1

  1. Dinner Party
  2. Hypno Baby
  3. Baby's First Swim
  4. The Crowing Momnet
  5. Umbrella SuiTe
  6. Who Needs Manners

Season 2

  1. Who Needs Manners?
  2. Fan Fun
  3. Baby's First Swim
  4. Dinner Party
  5. Hypno Baby
  6. Umbrella Suite
  7. Pretty Flowers
  8. Worst First Birthday
  9. Miss Baby
  10. Crowning Moment
  11. Lost in Time

Almost 2 years later, a comeback of Oobi Babies (the most popular series made by BluedogAndBelly) was announced. However, the season was delayed almost a year before episodes started airing.

Cancelled episodes

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Two of the main characters

There are several characters in Oobi Babies, including 4 main characters and 2 major characters.

Main Character

The title character is a helpless baby who is about the same as Oobi is in the present, nice and thoughtful (though is is slightly antagonistic in Night Crawlers). He loves Grampu, Uma, and his best friend Kako. He is enemies with Ms. Johnson and Inka.


The sister of Oobi and deuteragonist of the series. It is a running gag that Uma copies Mulan when she is a baby. She is affectionate and sweet.


Grampu recieved Oobi and Uma at his doorstep in the first episode and has been loving them ever since like they are his own kids. He sometimes is manipulated by his kids who want to do dangerous or unappropriate things. He is the first character to speak in this series.


Inka is the main antagonist in the series. She also manipulates Grampu and picks on the kids by stealing their stuff and wanting to smash them (and even got oobi in trouble by taking uma's cookie and blame it on oobi.) She is an evil girlfriend, but Grampu is afraid to break up with her. (who knows what terrible things might happen...)

Reccuring Characters

  • Inka
  • Kakoo

Minor Characters

  • Oobi
  • Uma
  • Kako
  • Grampu


  • This series is the most viewed and most requested B&B series there is.
  • Instead of 10 or 15 episodes per season, Oobi Babies abnormally has 11 episodes per season.