Oobi's New House Pilot
Oobi's New House Series Season 1, Episode 0
Air date 1/17/12
Written by Bluedog and Belly Cochran
Oobi's New House guide

The Oobi's New House pilot is the pilot episode of Oobi's New House.

Characters Present

Locations Visited


Oobi tells the views he is about to drive to his new house, but Inka ruins it!!!


  • This episode replaced an unaired sneak peek of the series as pilot episode.
  • This episode only has 2 main characters to appear in it (and one who is mentioned in it).
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Grampu's Car.
  • This episode is not counted as the first episode of Oobi's New House, yet Episode 0 of ONH.

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