Oobi Fingerson
Name Oobi Rotto/Rito Fingerson
Gender Male
Species Hand Puppet
Hometown Abu Doobi
Family Grampu Fingerson (grandfather), Uma Fingerson (sister), Mr. Fingerson (father), Mrs. Fingerson (mother)
Enemies Inka, Screaming Old Man
First Appearance
The FAMILY Vacation
Last Appearance

Oobi Rito Fingerson (born Oobi Rotto Fingerson) is a male hand puppet who plays as Uma's older brother. He is a main character in An Oobi Vacation as well as a main character in the two upcoming series, Oobi's New House and Oobi Babies.

He is most likely the main protagonist of all Bluedog and Belly productions, with the exception of the Special announcements series in which only Announcer Hand appears as a main character.

Oobi is portrayed by Belly Cochran in An Oobi Vacation and possibly every other series he appears in.


Oobi has no apparent personality and has changed since his Oobi stage. He has a female voice, though is a male. Oobi most likely dislikes Uma, but does seem to miss her in An Oobi Vacation: Plane Ol' Pathetic when he is seperated from his family members during a plane flight and in An Oobi Vacation: The FAMILY Vacation when he calls for Uma before getting ready to take a trip to Florida, USA.

His main nemesis is Kakoo, a female hand puppet acting as his girlfriend in An Oobi Vacation. In upcoming series, it is unknown who will be his main enemy, or if he will have one at all. he will be still appeared in the upcoming oobi seris


Oobi is a peach color. He has white eyes with black pupils (his eyes look identical to googly eyes). In some scenes, a ring under his eyes are shown (showing how his eyes stay on to the hand).


Oobi only has two known relatives. Those two related hand puppets are Uma, his annoying younger sibling, and Grampu, his old grandfather.


Oobi has appeared in the series An Oobi Vacation, Oobi Babies, and Oobi's New House. He first appeared in the first "An Oobi Vacation" episode, The FAMILY Vacation.

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  • Oobi's last name was originally to be Handerson, but it was changed due to it having the same name as an Oobi at Work character Anderson. The last name for Oobi is now Fingerson, a spoof on Ferguson. It was also planned to be McNails.

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