Night Crawlers
Oobi Babies series Series Season 1, Episode 6
Air date December 22, 2011
Written by Belly Cochran
Directed by Belly Cochran
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Bitter Sitter

Night Crawlers is the seventh episode of Oobi Babies.

Characters Present

Locations Visited


Grampu has trouble putting Oobi to sleep.


Grampu reminds baby Oobi that he has to go to sleep as he just had to stop him from crying and had to change his diaper ten times. He puts Oobi in his crib and goes to his bed, extremely tired. Miss piggy is see was oobi doing

The book moves (obviously being handled by the portrayer of Grampu). Grampu leaves the room, and goes into his own. Oobi asks Piggy about a "party", and they leave to go to an unnamed location with Muppet dolls.

Grampu finally falls asleep, back in his own bedroom, though his alarm clock goes off, beeping, right after the character starts to snore. Grampu, still extremely tiring, sighs sadly as he did not get any sleep.


  • Inka, being a main character, doesn't appear.


Oobi Babies - 6 - Night Crawlers02:38

Oobi Babies - 6 - Night Crawlers

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