Mr. Small
Name Michael Kim Small
Gender Male
Species Thumb
Hometown Florida (presumably)
Family Unknown
Enemies Dave
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Danger Dinner

Michael Kim "Mike" Small, known respectfully as Mr. Small, is a thumb who is a doorman at the hotel "The Regatta" He hates being called small and wishes to be bigger. He is always nice to all of the people who enter the hotel, with the exeption of Dave who dunked his head in lemonade. He is a reccuring character in An Oobi Vacation


Mr. Small is a peach thumb with 2 eyes, both of them having white backrounds. One eye has a yellow pupil and the other a peach one.


He has only appeared in 2 An Oobi Vacation episodes, DOOMEDmates and Danger Dinner

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