Max (top left corner) with Charlie and Grampu
Name Maxwell John Hildas-Yeller
Gender Male
Species Hand Puppet
Hometown Unknown
Family None known
Enemies Dave
First Appearance
Last Appearance
An Oobi Christmas

Maxwell John "Max" Hildas-Yeller is a main character in An Oobi Vacation as well as Charlie's best friend. He is addicted to video games, Nintendo DS in particular.

Max has been portrayed by several people, but is soully portrayed by Pickles L. And bluedog cochran mostly


At first, Max was made to be Charlie's best friend, but later, he was given more of a personality. His intrests include obsessing over video games, iPad and countless other electronic/apple products.


The character has yellow eyes with black pupils.


Max appears in several unreleased episodes. His latest appearence was in An Oobi Christmas. He is a main character in Another Oobi Vacation.

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