Mary Johnson
Name Mary Cheri Johnson
Gender Female
Species Hand
Hometown Abu Doobi (presumably)
Family Unknown
Enemies Oobi, Uma, Kako, Grampu
First Appearance
Bitter Sitter
Last Appearance

Mary Cheri Johnson (otherwise known as Mary or Ms. Johnson) is the babysiter on Oobi and Uma in Bitter Sitter. She appears in the original Oobi series being Oobi's nice neighbor. In Oobi Babies, she hates when kids have fun and "can't live without TV for 3 minutes". She is also addicted to gossip magazines, such as Mean Magazine. She watches TV too much and want all things on the commercials so much that she will steal peoples credit cards to buy them

She is portrayed by Bluedog Cochran.


Ms. Johnson is a fist and has yellow eyes. Her hair is white.


She has only appeared in one Oobi Babies episode, Bitter Sitter.

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