This article lists the history of series that Bluedog and Belly made.


Series Summary Date
Special announcements Announcer Hand and Big Fat Bear tell everyone about the news relating to Bluedog and Belly, including new series, contests, and new video plans. 2011-present
An Oobi Vacation Oobi and Uma meet Charlie, Dave, and Max on a vacation and become best friends who go on zany adventures.


Oobi Babies This series focuses on Oobi in his infant years, where he meets friends, deals with new problems, and grows up

2011 (S1)

2014 (S2)

Oobi's New House

Oobi shows the world his new house.

Oobi Gets A Job Oobi is hired for various occupations. 2012
Another Oobi Vacation Oobi, Uma, Charlie, Dave, and Max reunite to have more adventures. 2012-present
Shorts To be announced 2014