Kakoo Baby
Oobi Babies Series Season 1, Episode 8
Air date New Years Day, 2012
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Grampu Baby

Kakoo Baby is the seventh episode of Oobi Babies.

Characters Present

Locations Visited


Oobi meets Kakoo for the very first time!!!


Oobi is outside. He and Grampu discuss things, like where Inka is and how Uma is at "baby dance class". Blue, Bluedog and Belly's dog, is seen in the background. Oobi asks about a house on he, Grampu, and Uma's property. Grampu tells him that a family rented their backyard.

The inside of the house, Kakoo's house, is shown. Makoo and Pakoo, Kakoo's parents, are talking about their baby, Kakoo. Makoo is very sad as she did not mean to have a baby. A flashback from when Kakoo was born starts. Makoo is at the hospital and gives birth to Kakoo, her baby.

Kakoo attacks Makoo. Makoo screams. The flashback ends. Makoo plays fetch with Kakoo (as a dog, Dino, is seen playing as well). Kakoo runs on to a swing set and sees Oobi as a romantic "song" is played. Kakoo asks Oobi if he could be her boyfriend.

Oobi says "Eww!" and runs off. Kakoo eeks. She tells herself she must think of a plan to get Oobi that will take years. Years of the plan are shown: Oobi gets whacked with a stick, falls into a tire swing, and makes potions. Makoo says "Honey? Did you knock down our room again to make that weird potion of yours?".

"Until one day..." is heard. Oobi is on a table with a piece of paper and a pencil. Kakoo appears and asks Oobi if he wants to be her boyfriend. Oobi agrees and signs a contract. Kakoo is excited. Oobi says "Uh-oh" as Kakoo jumps on him.


  • The final scene features Oobi and Kakoo supposedly right before the An Oobi Vacation series begins.



Oobi Babies - 8 - Kakoo Baby03:19

Oobi Babies - 8 - Kakoo Baby

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