Not to be confused with Kako.


Kakoo in Bein' Kakoo

Kakoo Emma Geralds is Oobi's annoying, whiny, girlfriend. Kakoo lives in a box, and everyone hates her. Oobi hates Kakoo the most!

Kakoo's name is thought to be a play on the "Oobi" character Kako's name, though is pronounced differently. Kako's name is pronounced "kay-ko" while Kakoo's name is pronounced "kah-koo".

Kakoo is portrayed by Belly Cochran.


Kakoo's hobbies are, well, hurting Oobi. Kakoo also likes to blow bubbles and eat boogers. She lives in a, what many would call, a cluster of junk. She is very rough and uncaring, especially to animals. Kakoo is antagonist, but is very cheerful and unaware she causes harm on anything.


Kakoo is an only child, and a mix of her parents. Kakoo's mom has pink eyes, and Kakoo's dad has purple eyes.


Kakoo is a peach color with one pink eye, and one purple eye.




The animated Kakoo

The animated Kakoo that appears in HandImations is a square, like other charaters. She is like the normal Kakoo. The only difference is that she lives in a house, not a box.


In Oobi Babies, Kakoo is shown in her early years. Her mother, Makoo, and her father, Pakoo, are also revealed. She is as crazy and boisterous as before.


The hand puppet has appeared in every episode of her series. Her first appearance was in The FAMILY Vacation. Her last was in Plane Ol' Pathetic.

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