Grampu: Why did you have to come over to my house?

Inka: Because you have the movie and I wanted to watch it.

On the TV: Everyone matters

Inka: (screams) Stupid movie! Turn it off!

Grampu: Can't we just go to your house?

Inka: No! I don't have that movie! Turn it off!

On the TV: Everyone matters

Inka: (screams)

(Doorbell rings)

Grampu: I wonder who that is?

Inka: It's a basket.

Grampu: And a note.

(There's a dog on the front porch)

Inka: Hey what's that dog? Weird.

(Grampu opens the letter)

Inka: Read it! What if it's a bomb and I hate it? Then we'll die!

Grampu: Dear Grampu,

Your son and his spouse had the milionth baby to be born, Oobi, and the milionth-and-first, Uma. They have won an all-expense paid trip to Luxury City. They decided not to take the kids. You will be the legal guardian until you die. Have a nice day!

-Nurse Hand

Inka: Oh, so there's babies in there. Can we keep them?

Grampu: Yeah, we can keep them.

(Oobi and Uma appear on the screen)

Grampu: Aw, there so cute!

Inka: (screams) Ah! I think I broke your camera.

TITLE CARD: To Be Continued...

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