Just the Beginning
Oobi Babies Series Season 1, Episode 1
Air date December 7, 2011
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Just the Beginning is the first episode of Oobi Babies.

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A box comes in the mail with Grampu's grandchildren inside.


Grampu and Inka are seen on the couch. Grampu asks Inka why they couldn't go to her house. She tells him that he had the movie she wanted to watch, but when Everyone Matters, a song by The Muppets comes on, she screams and demand it turned off. Grampu does and asks if they can leave now, but Inka tells him the same thing again. The cycle repeats, then they hear a large doorbell ring. They go to see who it is.

They appear at the door. Grampu opens it and almosts "smashes" Inka's head in. They see a basket with a blanket over it (as well as Blue) and take it inside. Once it is in, Inka asks if there is something living in there because she is in a "smashing mood". They hear a crying noise. They see the note siting on top, which reads:

Dear Grampu,

Your son and his spouse had the milionth baby to be born, Oobi, and the milionth-and-first, Uma. They have won an all-expense paid trip to Luxury City. They decided not to take the kids. You will be the legal guardian until you die. Have a nice day!

Nurse Hand

Inka asks if they can keep the babies and she says yes. The look at them to see two shining faces. Grampu thinks they were cute, but Inka smashes them. She thinks she broke Grampu's camera. "Oopsies." An anotation says "TO BE CONTINUED".

Previous Version

A version of this episode featuring the names of Oobi and Uma's parents was erased from YouTube a few hours before the current version was uploaded due to copyright infringement. The newer version is the same material without the specific names.

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Oobi Babies - Pilot - Just the Beginning

Oobi Babies - Pilot - Just the Beginning