Name Jack Xavier London
Gender Male
Species Hand
Hometown Unknown
Family Unknown
Enemies Dave
First Appearance
Jack Attack
Last Appearance
Jack Attack

Jack Xavier London is a special secret agent who works with the F.B.Oob.. He has some type of authority in the F.B.Oob., and he loves to boss around his co-workers. His friends include other special agents, including Freak, his assistant, and Feather, a fellow agent. He was originally portrayed by Pickles L., but he was taken over by Bluedog Cochran later in the episode.


Jack is bossy, but not neccicerally mean. He likes pizza, and mentions it a lot and likes to get it after their missions. He is fun to be with, caring for his agents, and serious.


Jack has pink eyes and black pupils. His spy gear is a jet, like the ones on planes, but smaller. He is bigger than Freak and Feather.


Jack makes one appearence in Another Oobi Vacation, Jack Attack. He is not scedualed to make more appearences, but he might appear in a few more episodes of Season 2.

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