File:Oobi Gets A Job - Oobi the Moviereeler.png
Name Inka Megan Grey
Gender Female
Species Hand Puppet
Hometown Hand City
Family Unknown
Enemies Oobi, Uma
First Appearance
Just the Beginning
Last Appearance

Inka Megan Grey is an antagonist in the Oobi Babies series. She also appears in Oobi's New House. She is the girlfriend of Grampu.


Inka has purple eyes with black pupils. Her hair is black and has a few shiny hightlights in it. In the Oobi Babies Pilot, she has a dragonfly barrette. This was stoped because the barrette was lost So tey replaced this with Hair.



An Rainbow Dash Vaction

Ink was written in a unproduced episode Love At First Fight, but it was never made and she never appeare

Rainbow Dash Babies

Spitfire is a main character, ranked fourth in importance. She appears in every episode, excluding Fluttershy baby and Bitter Sitter in which she was heard, and Night Crawlers, in which she was not in at all.

Oobi's New House

Inka will either play as a main or a recurring character. She is known to yell at Grampu, wanting him to punish Oobi in several appearances. It is unknown which episodes she will appear in and which episodes she will not appear in. It is also known that Grampu must do whatever Inka says in the series, and that she lives next door to Oobi, Uma, and Grampu on the same street, Oobington Street.