Grampu Fingerson
Name Grampu James Fingerson
Gender Male
Species Hand puppet
Hometown Unknown
Family Oobi Fingerson, Uma Fingerson
Enemies Inka (sorta)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Grampu James Fingerson, known as Grampsie to Inka, is a male hand puppet who plays as Oobi and Uma's grandfather. He is a major character in An Oobi Vacation and possibly a main character in Oobi's New House and Oobi Babies. Grampu first appeared in the original Oobi series as a main character.

Grampu is portrayed by Bluedog Cochran in An Oobi Vacation.


Grampu is a fist and has green eyes.


Grampu appears in An Oobi Vacation. He is mentioned in the first episode but does not appear until the second.

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