Name Feather Pearl Landens (accidentally called "Heather" by Jack)
Gender Male
Species Hand
Hometown Unknown
Family Unknown
Enemies Dave
First Appearance
Jack Attack
Last Appearance
Jack Attack

Feather Pearl Landens is a secret agent character with the F.B.Oob. He is one of Jack's assistants, along with Freak. He likes pizza a lot and tells Freak to "wear a nice shirt" for getting pizza after the mission as he drops him off in the kitchen. He is portrayed by Buckteeth L.


Feather has blue eyes and peach skin. He wears a red feather on his head in Jack Attack. His spy gear is a gray and blue torpedo.


Feather makes his debute in Jack Attack. He might appear in future episodes of Season 2.


  • Feather was created on the day Jack Attack was created. Buckteeth L. wanted to portray Jack, but Pickles L. didn't let him, so Buckteeth made his own secret agent character.

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