Name David Matthew Yeller
Gender Male
Species Hand puppet
Hometown Unknown
Family Charlie (brother)
Enemies Charlie, Max, Oobi, Uma, Ox
First Appearance
Last Appearance

David Matthew "Dave" Yeller (often called D-D-D-Dave) is a main character in the video series An Oobi Vacation and Another Oobi Vacation.

Dave was scheduled to appear when Oobi's family has to share a room with him and his family. When Bluedog And Belly Productions went to Florida, there was scheduled to be more information (and episodes based on) Dave.

Dave is portrayed by Buckteeth L. in all of his apearences.


Dave is a cannibalistic antagonist, but a cheerful character. When he isn't trying to eat everything, sometimes people forget he is a cannibal. He constantly tries to gobble up everything he sees, exept for his weakness, vegetables.


Dave has peach skin and orange eyes with black puplils. He looks like Shane Scoop, but he is a little smaller.


Dave appears in all unaired episodes of the series, including DOOMEDmates, Spit It Out!, Charlie's Time Machine, Gramflu, and The Uma Pretender. His first appearance in an aired episode was during Danger Dinner. His latest appearance is in the 2011 Christmas special An Oobi Christmas.

Dave returns in Another Oobi Vacation, sometimes protagonist, sometimes antagonist. he appears in all episodes exept he is mentioned in Another Family Vacation