Name Charles William Yeller
Gender Male
Species Hand puppet
Hometown Unknown
Family Dave (brother), Max (adopted brother)
Enemies Dave
First Appearance
Last Appearance
Bein' Kakoo

Charles William "Charlie" Yeller is a main protagonist in An Oobi Vacation and Another Oobi Vacation. He appears in most episodes of the series, as well as several unreleased (cancelled) episodes of the An Oobi Vacation. in Another Oobi Vacation, he is in almost all the episodes and more is known about him.


Charlie is a normal hand, but he is always in danger on Dave, his brother, trying to eat him. He has been digested several times and gets hurt on a regular basis. He is addicted to scrapbooks and is easily offended. He is very sensitive about his parents, who left a long time ago, and throws tantrums whenever somebody talks about them. His best friend is Max, his adopted brother.


Charlie is a peach color. He has two eyes with green pupils.


Charlie appears in the following episodes: Danger Dinner and Spit It Out!. He also appears in all unaired episodes of the series, including DOOMEDmates, Danger Dinner, Pool Fool, Spit It Out!, Charlie's Time Machine, Gramflu, Uma Pretender, and a deleted scene from Bein' Kakoo. He also appeared in An Oobi Christmas.

Charlie returned to YouTube in the Christmas special An Oobi Christmas.

Charlie is now making appearences as a main character in Another Oobi Vacation. He appears in 12 out of 14 episodes (he was not in Another Family Vacation and an episode yet to come).