Name Liam Mason Ethiers
Gender Male
Species Hand Puppet
Hometown Abu Doobi
Family Pop (father), Kade (sister)
Enemies Pop (when he wanted to throw him in the sea in Gramflu)
First Appearance
An Oobi Vacation: Spit It Out!
Last Appearance
Oobi Babies: Babyinator
Liam Mason "Bop" Ethiers (EHT-see-AYZ) is a recurring character in An Oobi Vacation. He is seemingly unaware of all sadness on Earth and is always smiling, unlike his father, Pop. He appears in four episodes of An Oobi Vacation, one of Oobi Babies, and in An Oobi Christmas.

He is portrayed by Bluedog Cochran.


Bop's father is the sad Pop and his sister is the dark and mysterious Kade. He might be the only person who is cheerful in his family, but his mother has not been revealed.


Bop has purple eyes in An Oobi Vacation, yellow eyes in Oobi Babies, and blue eyes in An Oobi Christmas. He is a peach color.


In An Oobi Vacation, he appears in Spit It Out!, Gramflu, as a robot in Charlie's Time Machine, and deleted parts of Bein' Kakoo. He appears in Babyinator, an Oobi Babies episode, and also in An Oobi Christmas.