Bluedog Cochran (also called by his Wikia name Bluedog311) is the co-creator of Bluedog and Belly Productions. He has portrayed characters in An Oobi Vacation such as, the Cinnabon Employee, and Announcer Hand. Ironicly, he plays many girl characters

Characters Played

Bluedog plays several minor characters (his most important characters are Bop and Inka, but he did portray Grampu in one episode). Other portrayals include Kade, Ms. Wasabi, Frieda, and Angus.


An Oobi Vacation

Bluedog plays only Bop and very few cameos, but recorded several videos in this series and edited all of them.

Oobi Babies

This time, Bluedog plays one main character, Inka, and minor characters, such as Bop and Kade. He, again, edits all the videos.

Oobi's New House

Again, Bluedog plays Inka and many minor characters.

Oobi Gets a Job

Bluedog plays the McDoobi's Boss and several other characters he played in the past.

Another Oobi Vacation

Bluedog doesn't play very many characters in this series. He plays some single-episode characters, like Inka, Bop, and Charlie's Dad.