Belly as she appears in 12-04-11

Belly Cochran is the co-creator of Bluedog And Belly Productions. Portrays characters such as Oobi and Uma in An Oobi Vacation and most likely in Oobi's New House and Oobi Babies. Belly appears as herself in the fourth special announcement, 12-04-11.


An Oobi Vacation

Belly portrays several minor and reccuring characters, including Oobi, Uma, Grampu, and Kakoo.

Oobi Babies

Belly portrays every main character besides Inka and also Kako and Kakoo. She also chooses much of the music for these episodes.

An Oobi Christmas

Belly again portrays Oobi, Uma, Grampu, and Kakoo, but she might portray Santa Claus.


In December of 2011, a Wikian named BlueFog pretended to be Belly in order to try to shut down this wiki. This was proven wrong by herself and BlueFog received an infinate block.