~~This page has to do with the song. You might be looking for information about Bein Kakoo~~Bein' Kakoo is a song based on Bein Green by The Muppets. It appeared in the finale.


Kakoo: It's not easy being Kakoo, Getting yelled at all the time, By Charlie, D-D-D-Dave, Max, Uma, Oobi, And ev'ryone else I know

Max: Shut up already!!!

Kakoo: It's not easy being Kakoo, Oobi's always getting mad, This p-

Max: Oh my gosh, someone please get her out of here!!!

Kakoo: (hits Max) This pink eye, and purple eye, look weird And I don't have any hair!!!

Max: Uh, none of us have hair.

Kakoo: Oh, It's not easy being Kakoo. Ahhhhhh!!!

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