Aubrey's Boss
Aubrey's boss viewing Aubrey's message on the computer
Name Keenan Matthias Nelsons
Gender Male
Species Hand puppet
Hometown Unknown
Family Unknown
Enemies Unknown
First Appearance
Plane Ol' Pathetic
Last Appearance

Aubrey's Boss (Keenan Matthias "Kee" Nelsons) is a minor character in the An Oobi Vacation series. He only appears in one episode so far. In his only appearance, he is seen on the computer viewing a message that Oobi unknowingly sent that reads "You're the worst boss ever."


Aubrey's boss is the boss on the three-floor plane that Oobi, Uma, and Grampu use to get to Florida. He is never shown happy in the series he is part of.


Aubrey's boss is only seen from behind, only showing the white backs of his eyes and the peach skin on his body. Aubrey's boss acually has eyes with yellow pupils.


Aubrey's boss only appears in Plane Ol' Pathetic.


Aubrey's boss

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