Oobi's New House Series Season 1, Episode 11
Air date 3/21/2012
Written by Oobivac, Bluedog Cochran
Oobi's New House guide

Attic! is the eleventh episode of Oobi's New House.

Characters Present

Locations Visited


Oobi journeys into his new attic.


The recap featured is not official and is incomplete.

Oobi wakes up in his new bed and looks around his room. He forgot he moved! He realizes that a door is on the ceiling: the attic. He is not tall enough to reach it, so he asks Grampu if he can help. He does so, and the scene changes. Oobi discovers the darkness, and his candle that he was using to see burns out. Oobi is scared, so he calls Uma. Uma comes and brings a candle, but the wind blows it out.


  • This episode was scheduled to be the fourth episode of Oobi's New House.
  • This episode was unconfirmed as of January 6, 2012.

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