Another Oobi Vacation

Episode count

14 (planned to have 29 or 30)

Season Count

2 planned

Another Oobi Vacation is the unconfirmed follow-up series to An Oobi Vacation. It consists of Oobi and his family going on vacation once again. They find out that Charlie, Max, and Dave live where they are going! Will Oobi survive... again!

On August 13th, 2012, Bluedog Cochran annouced Another Oobi Vacation to be ready to air through. The first episode, Another Family Vacation, airs August 14th. Two more episodes aired the following Friday, which became the primary airing day.


Main Characters

  • Oobi is the main character of Another Oobi Vacation. He is lazy, wimpy, and slightly ingnorant. He does not like to follow Grampu's orders and likes to play video games with Max. He is in all 14 episodes exept one. He is portrayed by Belly Cochran
  • Uma is the only female main character. She loves fashion, malls, and just about everything girly. Even if she is as dainty as she is, she knows how to fight for what she wants and stand up for herself. She appears in most episodes. She is portrayed by Belly Cochran.
  • Charlie is a innocent character who is always being eaten and picked on by his brother, Dave. He is addicted to scrapbooks and his best friend is Max, his adoped brother. Like Oobi, he appears in 13 out of 14 episodes in Season 1. He is portrayed by Buckteeth L.
  • Dave is a cannibal who is always hungry. He eats almost everything... including his friends! He is bothersome, strong, and he has a huge stomach with almost everything in it! His weakness is vegatables. He appears or is mentioned in all 14 episodes of Another Oobi Vacation so far, including one where he is the only character. He is also portrayed by Buckteeth L.
  • Max is a video game addict and Charlie's best friend. He plays video-games all-day every-day. He will never stop playing unless he is done with the level, even if somebody is about to kill him. He appears in most episodes. Max is solely Pickles L.'s character, but he was busy doing other things during most of the series and was often played by Bluedog Cochran while he was gone.

Major Characters

  • Ox is the most used antagonist in the series who was first told of in the fifth episode. He is a blue uglydoll. At first, he was just a creepy friend of Charlie's, but he soon became a burglar, trickster, and fighter. His voice is played by Buckteeth L.
  • Grampu is the main guardian of the gang. He is very old and nice, but he still loves to put people in their rooms. He appears in about half the episodes so far.
  • Kakoo snuck to the vacation spot to find Oobi. She appears in 3 episodes so far
  • Inka is Grampu's annoying girlfriend. Grampu trapped her in a cage so she wouldn't get out, but she broke out and followed them anyway.

Other Important Characters


Season 1

All of the Season 1 episodes have been produced, but only 3 are known of. Season 1 was supposed to have 15 episodes, but only 14 where produced because of lack of time.

  1. Another Family Vacation
  2. Come in, Sleep in, Eat 'Em!
  3. Sweet Dreams, Oobi
  4. Car-tastrophe!
  5. iDiction
  6. Jack Attack
  7. Heaven or SHSHSH DON'T SAY IT!
  8. No More Inka!
  9. Parent Problem
  10. The Chronicals of Baby Dave and his Brothers
  11. King of the Swing
  12. The Thumbger Games
  13. Shortest Episode Ever!
  14. Season Finale


  • One year before the series aired on YouTube, a fan-made series by this title ("Another Oobi Vacation") was created by a now inactive Wikia user on the abandoned BluedogAndBelly Fanon Wiki. It is unknown if this was the inspiration for the show or not.