Announcer Hand
Name Pablo Felix Sathianathan
Gender Male
Species Hand puppet
Hometown Unknown
Family Unknown
Enemies Viewer (possibly occasionally)
First Appearance
Special announcement: 11-6-11
Last Appearance
Pablo Felix "Announcer Hand" Sathianathan is the main character and protagonist in the Special announcements series. He is a green and yellow eyed hand puppet, though had pink eyes in his two first appearances. He is the male announcer for BluedogAndBelly. He often thinks that BluedogAndBelly's video series are his. 

He is depicted as a funny down-to-buisness character who often gets destracted

The character is portrayed by Bluedog Cochran. Several think that he is a female because he is portrayed by a drag performer.

In the Salt and Ice Challenge video, it is revealed that Announcer Hand is afraid of Furbies and breaks into tears and sobs whenever he is being tortured with one. Oobi and Uma slap Announcer Hand repeatedly during his Furby tortures.


The puppet has pink eyes with black pupils in his two first appearances. In his later appearances, he has many different eyes depending on the episode.


The announcer only appears in special announcement videos and game shows with BFB (A.K.A. Big Fat Bear). His first appearance was in Special announcement: 11-6-11

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