This article contains a list of episodes in the An Oobi Vacation series along with episode summaries.

Episode guide

  1. The FAMILY Vacation - Oobi must tell his girlfriend that she cannot come on his family vacation to Florida.
  2. Plane Ol' Pathetic - Oobi, Uma, and Grampu board the plane they are taking to Florida.
  3. Danger Dinner - After arriving at their hotel, Oobi is forced to make dinner for another hotel guest, Dave.
  4. Bein' Kakoo - Kakoo thinks it is hard being herself and sings a song about her feelings.
  5. Spit It Out! - Oobi and the others are locked outside of their hotel room and must tell Grampu.
  6. Pool Fool - Oobi is in a sunscreen commercial, but has a horrible time.
  7. DOOMEDmates - Oobi and the others must share a room with another family.
  8. Charlie's Time Machine - Oobi travels back in time to find out he is married to Kakoo.
  9. Gramflu - Grampu catches the flu, but gets the worst doctor ever!
  10. The Uma Pretender - Somebody steals Uma's barrette and pretends to be her.

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