An Oobi Vacation

Created By

Bluedog and Belly Productions

Season Count


Episode Count

2 (10 including unreleased films)

Produced after

Special annoucements

Followed by

Oobi Babies

An Oobi Vacation is the first series to be created and released by Bluedog and Belly Productions. It was one of the most oobi at work popular series, although only one half (five of ten) of the episodes were ever released to YouTube. Three of the released episodes were marked "unofficial."


Oobi is going to Florida for a vacation along with his sister Uma and grandfather Grampu.


Main Characters

Reccuring Characters

Minor Characters



  1. The FAMILY Vacation
  2. Plane Ol' Pathetic
  3. Danger Dinner (unofficial)
  4. Spit It Out! (unofficial)
  5. Bein' Kakoo (unofficial)


  1. DOOMEDmates
  2. Pool Fool
  3. Charlie's Time Machine
  4. Gramflu
  5. The Uma Pretender


On November 24th, An Oobi Vacation was announced cancelled by Bluedog Cochran. This caused much dismay among fans. As of the moment, only two episodes had been released. They remained available on YouTube. Luckily, in December 2011, the crew released the episodes Danger Dinner, Spit It Out!, and Bein' Kakoo. However, these episodes had been edited, so they were marked "unofficial."

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