An Oobi Christmas is the Bluedog and Belly Christmas special of 2011. It is possibly an episode of An Oobi Vacation, as it features characters exclusive to the series.

Characters Present


Grampu sends Oobi to sleep with Dave for one night as punishment for squishing Uma with a baseball bat; little does he know that Dave has a secret club organized to steal cookies that are supposed to be for Santa Claus.



  • This episode is called An Oobi Christmas to reference An Oobi Vacation.
  • Uma is portrayed by Bluedog, unlike any other appearance.
  • The episode's ending is cut short because one of the cast members broke an object and had to fix it.
  • The eyes and mouth of the "human Santa" are most likely Belly or Bluedog's eyes and mouth. They are obviously pasted on to the video and use a similar technique to the technique The Annoying Orange (a far-more popular video series) uses to put real eyes and mouths on fake characters. However, the pasters of the mouth and eyes, Bluedog and/or Belly, did a somewhat "sloppy" job pasting on the face compared to the Annoying Orange.